Posted by: sommecourt | 03/11/2008

My Family At War – BBC1

My Family At War

My Family At War

The BBC1 series My Family At War starts this evening on BBC1 at 10.35pm. I was the Historical Consultant for this series, which we filmed between May and September 2008. It tells the stories of eight well known broadcasters whose relatives fought in the Great War. These range from Rolf Harris’ father to Kate Silverton’s great-grandfather.

The series proved fascinating to work on; the research, location finding and briefing all the presenters was a real challenge, and it was a pleasure to work alongside such famous names. It once more showed that the adaptation of history onto the medium of television is not easy, but the end results here will hopefully be well received… the stories aren’t just on the battlefield; we touch on the home front, a family bombed out in a Zeppelin raid, searching for bodies in Flanders once the war was over, and a soldier who became a casualty of the elements – which will show that just surviving the conditions was hard for many men.

While ‘celebrity lead’ TV is often criticised, there is no doubt that those involved in this series will give it a much higher profile, and what their relatives did and suffered, will have a real resonance with the general public. It will also hopefully raise the profile of the Great War in general as well.

Details of transmission times are on the BBC website.


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