Posted by: sommecourt | 23/11/2008

The End of the Line

After thirty years of visiting the Western Front, I have finally made it to the area where the lines petered out on the Swiss border. Located in the Vosges region in Eastern France, the little village of Pfetterhouse is largely unremarkable. However, one road going south-west takes you to the old border post on the Swiss frontier, which in retaken Alsace-Lorraine (as this was in 1914-18), was where the Poilu’s started across the wire at their counter-parts in Swizterland. Having stood at the other end of the front, in the sand at Nieuport, and traveresed the whole front in-between over the years, it felt rather odd to stand here, but it was also quite something. For all of us with an interest in the Great War, this should be akin to a Holy Grail to get to Pfetterhouse… but from what I sense few have heard of it, and even fewer ever visited.



  1. Visit an American’s effort to preserve his family history in the Great War at Soldier’s Mail:

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