Posted by: sommecourt | 15/04/2009

6milPhil’s Adventures in Wargaming

My love and passion for military history manifested itself at an early age by playing with Airfix toy soldiers, as many of my generation did. Later I discovered Charles Grant, Don Featherstone, Bruce Quarrie and Wargames Research Group, among others. These enabled me to formalise my tabletop adventures, and while I dropped out of wargaming after I left Uni, I rediscovered it one cold December day in a WH Smiths in Dover, when I chanced across a copy of Wargames Illustrated. While I am still something of a lapsed gamer,I enjoy reading about it and making the odd kit, and painting up the occasional unit… currently the Perry’s Napoleonics in plastic.

This brings me to a new WordPress blog, by fellow WW2 Talk member Phil Page, about his love of gaming in 6mm (what we used to call 1/300th). Some great stuff on there, and the scratch-built scenary is really top class. Read the blog here:

6milPhil’s Adventures in Wargaming


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