Posted by: sommecourt | 23/04/2009

My Father at 90

A couple of weeks ago my father celebrated his 90th Birthday. A veteran of the Second World War, he fought at Anzio, on the Gothic Line and in the River Po Battle in 1945. He then went to India until 1947. I grew up on his stories of Anzio in particular, and as a very young child he used to sing me to sleep with soldiers songs of WW2. It’s funny to think of him as an ‘old man’ and a ‘veteran’ now in the way I knew veterans of the Great War, although I must say he is much better health than any of them ever were.  I went to see him with my daughter, and he said he was looking forward to the telegram from the Queen in ten years time!

He’s pictured here hold a portrait of him (taken from a 1945 photo) made by Royal Academy Artist Soren Hawkes, whose website is here: Passchendaele Prints.

His account of Anzio is found here: Anzio – My Father’s War.


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