Posted by: sommecourt | 10/06/2009

In The Shadow of Youth

Just returned from Normandy, having spent the 65th Anniversary in the company of the York Branch of the Normandy Veterans Association. It was quite an incredible experience in many ways; tinged by sadness, but also to a degree with anger too over the way the Vets were treated by the French authorities, and the obvious American bias to the commemorations… the posters of Obama and ‘Welcome America’ throughout the British sector appalled and surprised many Vets.

But one thing emerged quite strongly – this is far from the last time these men and women will return. In many ways it is not the end, but the start of something new. The shadow of their youth cut stongly across the fields of Normandy, and danced among the white stone in the soldiers cemeteries south of the beaches. These men fought Hitler’s might, and lived to tell the tale. Their song is far from sung.


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