Posted by: sommecourt | 12/06/2010

On The Road with the D Day Dodgers

In late May I had the pleasure of leading the first of a new WW2 Battlefield Tour to the Italian battlefields around Cassino for Leger Holidays, the tour company I work for. The tour looked at the four battles of Cassino in detail, and also had days out to visit Salerno, Anzio, Minturno, the Sangro and Ortona – all locations of heavy fighting in 1943 and 1944. I had the privilege of having six Italy Star veterans in the group, which made the trip special not only for myself but also for the non-veteran members on the tour. We had two services of remembrance – at Anzio and Cassino – and several of the veterans expressed the feeling that for them it had laid a few ghosts to rest; the daughter of one them said she had never heard him talk about the war so much. For me it was a personal pilgrimage, as it always is, to Italy – my father fought at Anzio and I grew up stories of the beachhead. The second tour comes up in September and I hope that as many veterans come on that one, too.



  1. Wonderful tribute. I lost my father ,Eric Hamilton, And Just wondered if by any chance your veterans may have known him. He was in the Lincs. regimeny and died in Jan.44.
    Many thks.

  2. Thanks for your message – none of them were in the Lincolnshire Regiment, so I doubt if they would know him. I am about to take another group over, so I will see if any are Lincs men.

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