Posted by: sommecourt | 26/06/2010

RIP Paddy Griffith (1947-2010)

Author, historian and wargamer Dr Paddy Griffith sadly passed away at home on 24th June 2010. Paddy was a prolific writer and author of the highly influential ‘battle tactics’ books, the best of which were his Battle Tactics of the Western Front and Battle Tactics of the American Civil War.

He was also a very keen and highly respected wargamer, responsible for one of the few TV programmes about gaming (right, Peter Gilder pictured) and author of Napoleonic Wargaming for Fun and Sandhusrt Wargames. Paddy clearly saw the link between understanding between table-top gaming, how battles operate and their usefulness to understanding military history. He later wrote:

“When you play a wargame you are forced to ask certain questions that would not otherwise be asked by historians who are remote from the battlefield in both time and space. This questioning helps you to understand the inner technicalities that may not be mentioned by eyewitnesses, and so it casts a new light on why particular decisions were made or why particular tactics were adopted. The same holds true for re-enactment (I fully sympathise with the ‘serious’ end of that activity, even though I have never personally taken part). Many myths may be exploded by this questioning process, which would otherwise have been parroted unthinkingly by people who did not ask the right questions.”

His website is still up, and details of his work and publications can be found there:



  1. A great shame. He was a very talented historian. I was due to meet him later this year.

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