Posted by: sommecourt | 20/08/2010

IWM Duxford

I went to visit IWM Duxford this week, having last been there back in the mid-1980s. It was always one of those places I kept saying I would visit, and finally made it up there. Being Friends of the Imperial War Museum meant we were able to dodge the queues (it was very busy) and go straight in – and I was immediately staggered by the sheer size of the place. We decided to walk to the far end of the site and start at the Land Warfare Hall which chronicles land warfare from WW1 until modern times. The hall contained an amazing collection of material, with many tanks and vehicles built into full scale dioramas such as the Tiger Tank below. The highlight for me

was the Battle for Normandy display which starts on an LCA and looks at the campaign from the different tanks and equipment used. While in this hall I tried to get some photographs of the inside of a Hanomag, and was staggered when a member of staff came up and offered to open up the back doors and let me have a proper look and take as many photographs as I liked! That was customer service at its very best! Having spent most of the morning here, we moved on for some lunch (the on site catering is excellent) and had a look at the Battle of Britain hall, some of the aerodrome buildings (the original entrance, guardhouse etc is virtually unchanged), and spent some time seeing some of the restoration work, which was fascinating. We didn’t have time to see it all, which to me was a great plus, and it was great seeing aircraft coming and going all day as we walked around. A really superb day.

IWM Duxford gets my vote as the best military museum in Britain – go and visit it!



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