Posted by: sommecourt | 31/10/2010

Battlefield Tour Season Closes

The end of October traditionally brings the battlefield tour season to an end. While we still have some coaches going out for 11th November in Ypres, the main tours end with the conclusion of half term. At this time of year the vistas across the battlefields are dominated by winter skies and at the end of a days touring, autumn sunshine casts long shadows across the headstones and memorials. My last tour this week was an interesting and interested group. They brought many of the usual questions to the table but some good debate was generated as we discussed everything from the burial of the dead to command on the Western Front. Several had come to find relatives; others found family members they didn’t even know about. At Thiepval, using the excellent facilities provided there, one man found an uncle missing on the Somme and was greatly moved to see his name in stone. It was a good way to end a busy year on the battlefields, in journeys as far apart as Belgium, France, Holland and Italy. As ever following in the footsteps of those who fought in the two World Wars is frequently moving, and both a pleasure and an honour, and along the way I’ve got to know many new veterans this year. And while the tours are over, with a new TV series to start work on this winter and recce work for the new 2011 tours, it’s going to be as busy as ever.


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