Posted by: sommecourt | 15/12/2010

Casa Baradi

Sixty-seven years ago today the Royal 22nd Regiment, French Canadians better known as the ‘Van Doos’ were battling for the ancient farmhouse of Casa Baradi near Ortona in Italy. Major Paul Triquet of the battalion was awarded the Victoria Cross for this action:

“… during the attack on Casa Berardi, Italy, when all the other officers and half the men of his company had been killed or wounded, Captain Triquet dashed forward and, with the remaining men, broke through the enemy resistance. He then forced his way on with his small force – now reduced to two sergeants and 15 men – into a position on the outskirts of Casa Berardi. They held out against attacks from overwhelming numbers until the remainder of the battalion relieved them next day. Throughout the action Captain Triquet’s utter disregard for danger and his cheerful encouragement were an inspiration to his men.”


I visited the Casa with some friends in 2008 where we were delighted to be greeted by the owned, who is the grandson of the family who owned it in 1943. They are very proud of the connections with the Canadians who fought and died here, and the fact that the Van Doos have their memorial in the grounds of the farmhouse. The Casa is now a Bed & Breakfast and their website is here:


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