Posted by: sommecourt | 05/03/2011

World Book Night

Tonight is World Book Night and I was lucky to be selected as a Book Giver. My choice was the classic Great War novel ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ which follows the story of the young German, Paul Baumer, and his life and death on the Western Front. It’s a book I’ve read many times, and the 1930s film is also a classic in its own right. My grandfather, a veteran of 1918, had an early copy of the book, and I still own that well thumbed copy. Although Erich Remarque, the author, may not have fought at the front, and has come under criticism over the years, for many it was their first route into the war, and the subject of military history; in a way what ‘Birdsong’ has done for more recent generations.

I’ve been handing out books via the Net tonight, but over the next few days will be distributing books in person, including to two local schools. I’ll also be taking some copies over to the battlefields, which seems appropriate.

Books are a part of who I am and what I am. I love them, and can never have too many of them. World Book Night is such a great idea and I am so honoured and pleased to have been selected and hope the books I give away will go on to inspire others in the way that title, and books in general, have all my life.

For more details of World Book Night see:



  1. This was the one I wanted to give out when I applied – but got my second choice of The Spy Who Came in from the Cold.

    I’m sending some away to the US, 2 over my own blog and the rest I’ve been leaving in strategically placed locations and I hope people have picked them up!!

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