Posted by: sommecourt | 20/05/2011

Dig WW2 – Italy Dig

We have just finished an interesting week in Italy working on the Monte Cassino section of the forthcoming BBC series Dig WW2. We went with our presenter, Dan Snow, to follow a group of Italian Archaeologists – the Gustav Line Group. They organised two digs on sections of the Hitler Line, the last line of defence before Rome, captured by Canadian troops in May 1944. With combat at the bunkers taking place over a very short space of time – in some cases less than an hour of fighting – we wondered whether anything would remain. We needn’t have worried as the group showed their professionalism and were able to unearth a substantial archaeological record of the fighting, with some amazing artefacts being uncovered. The full dig will be covered in the series, and we have some video podcasts we will add to the web in due course.


  1. Excellent work as usually Paul, well done : )… look forward to seeing the video podcasts.



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  3. Great work Paul!

  4. Great work Damiano!

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