Posted by: sommecourt | 06/06/2011

D Day +67

Today is the 67th Anniversary of the D Day landings and for the first time in years I am not in Normandy. Instead I have spent the day working on my new book Walking D Day, and a productive day it has been, too, with a chapter on Omaha Beach completed. I had been thinking about this chapter for some time, and it was interesting to put a few of these thoughts out there when I recently led a walking group of the D Day beaches. Omaha was such a tragedy, but there is much we don’t know about it; the true scale of the losses, for one. But bravery and initiative are things we do know – what the men were able to achieve there, despite the odds, was little short of a miracle. Today, on this Day of Days, somehow a little of their spirit flowed through me, and I’ve sat like a man possessed at the keyboard as the words flowed. I only hope I’ve done them justice.

So today I will think of the men of Omaha, and all the thousands of others who threw themselves up the beachhead on 6th June 1944, and the many who paid the ultimate price in that first taste of a free Europe.

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