Posted by: sommecourt | 25/06/2011

The Great War Heroes of Bridlington

This new book by Chris Bonnett and Mike Wilson follows in a proud tradition of war memorial books that have been published in the last couple of decades. Such books were produced in the 1920s, but they were few and far between. In recent years as interest in the Great War grows many people have started researching their local war memorial, leading to either a website or a publication like this. These types of publications are obviously more relevant to the families of those listed within, but in a wider context they also tell us a lot about the war; the nature of sacrifice, the cost some towns and cities paid, and the tragic, human stories that are the very fabric of the Great War.

This new roll of honour does not disappoint. It is well written, and finely put together. The book is fully illustrated; in most cases a photograph of the fallen soldier has been found, and each story is illustrated by either period images or photos from the authors’ travels on the battlefield. There are also some colour images and an excellent section on statistics which discusses, for example, the worst day of the war for Bridlington; in this case 25th April 1915, not the landings at Gallipoli but Second Ypres when ten local men fell on one day.

The book is a fine and thoughtful memorial to the men of Bridlington, well written and researched and worthy of the shelves of any Great War enthusiast.

The Great War Heroes of Bridlington is by Chris Bonnett and Mike Wilson, published in 2011 by Free Spirit Writers (364pp, £11.99 + £4 P&P) and is a limited edition of 150 copies. For further details see:


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