Posted by: sommecourt | 16/07/2011

Dig Arnhem

We’ve just returned from Arnhem and a very successful shoot for Dig WW2 following the story of the fighting at Arnhem. As part of our shoot we followed some local amateur archaeologists who found items relating to the battle on private ground in Oosterbeek. We also focusessed on the story of Sammy Cassidy, a young man from Belfast who was killed in Cronjeweg on 20th September with the 7th KOSB. Our presenter Dan Snow gently led his daughter and granddaughter through the story of Sammy, which will feature in the series. It was a tough shoot because of atrocious weather, but ended in sunshine as we looked down on the Lower Rhine where the troops were evacuated at the end of the battle; leaving nearly 1,500 of their dead comrades behind, and many thousands who became Prisoners of War. Arnhem is a classic WW2 story; and in Dig WW2 we hope to give it a new angle and prove that there was fighting beyond the famous Arnhem bridge, and at the same time remember men like Sammy who never came home.

The family of Sammy Cassidy at Oosterbeek with our presenter, Dan Snow.

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