Posted by: sommecourt | 26/09/2011

With The D Day Dodgers

I was back in Italy last week with another Leger Holidays battlefield tour group on the WW2 battlefields around Anzio, Cassino, Ortona, Salerno, and the Sangro. We were joined by a small group from Poppy Travel and had in total five WW2 veterans on the coach; among them two men who served in the Kensington Regiment, the support battalion to 78th Division, and an Intelligence Corps officer who interrogated German prisoners on the battlefield in Italy. We also had several people who had come because they had lost fathers in Italy, so it was an emotional trip for all concerned.

One of our highlights was taking part in the inauguration of a new plaque at The Flyover at Anzio, gallantly oragnised with help from Damiano Parravano and his friends from the Gustav Line Group. The veterans were treated like royalty at Aprilla and it is a day all those present will remember.

We were also joined at the end of the trip by Perry Rowe, one of the authors of the new After The Battle Cassino Then & Now, which I will be reviewing on the blog shortly. It was a great trip, and a good end to a year where I have spent more than a month in Italy seeing the battlefields of my father’s generation and the graves of thousands of D Day Dodgers who stayed behind in Italy forever.

Kensington’s veteran Don Carter at Cassino.


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