Posted by: sommecourt | 10/10/2011

New Edition of Walking The Salient

20080905_IMG_2921-copyThis winter’s book project will be a new edition of my walking guidebook Walking The Salient. It was first published by Pen & Sword books in 1999 and now needs a substantial update, as so much as changed in the Salient during that time. This new edition will have a major overhaul, I have a host of new photographs to add, there will a colour photo section, and the addition of two new walks – one covering the Langemarck area (where ‘Last British Tommy’ Harry Patch fought) and another in the Potijze-Frezenberg area. This will bring it up to 16 walks and probably around 250 pages, so on a par with the new edition of Walking The Somme. The book won’t be published until late 2012 but further news on it this winter.



  1. Did this get completed ? Any idea when its due to be published ? Ta.

    • I’m finished it off now, it will be out Summer 2013.

  2. Thanks Paul – I’ll stop looking on online bookshops for a copy….;D

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