Posted by: sommecourt | 18/10/2011

Arnhem & the Rhineland Battlefield Recce


Arnhem Recce Oct 2011, a set on Flickr.

I’ve just returned from a battlefield Recce following XXX Corps from Belgium to Nijmegen during Operation Market Garden, walking the Oosterbeek/Arnhem battlefield and looking round the Rhineland battlefields of February-March 1945. We found some interesting sites, and it was fascinating looking round the Hochwald Gap looking for traces of the war. Some of the walks at Arnhem will feature in a forthcoming book.



  1. Did this cover any of the ground of Operation Veritable in Feb/Mar 45 during which my father was seriously wounded on 21st Feb fighting with the Guards Armoured Division?

  2. Yes we were in quite a few areas where the Guards Armoured fought. The Sherman Firefly in the photos had the ‘All Seeing Eye’ painted on it.

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