Posted by: sommecourt | 21/10/2011

20th London Regiment in WW1

Men of the 2/20th Londons.Soldier 20th Londons.Soldier 20th Londons.Officer 20th Londons.Soldier 20th Londons.Soldier 20th Londons.
20th Londons Memorial.20th Londons Memorial.1/20 Londons 1915.3/20th Londons 1916

20th London Regiment, a set on Flickr.

The 20th London Regiment (Blackheath & Woolwich) was a Territorial battalion formed in 1908. On the outbreak of war it served with the 2nd London Division, and formed three battalions in WW1. The 1/20th fought on the Western Front from 1915-1918. The 2/20th fought in France, Salonika and Palestine. The 3/20th served in Britain. The unit was affiliated to the Royal West Kent Regiment and it’s headquarters was at Blackheath.

These photographs show men from all three battalions at different stages in the war.


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