Posted by: sommecourt | 09/04/2012

Arras 95: Remembering The Forgotten Offensive


Ninety-five years ago today Australian, British, Canadian, New Zealand and South African troops participated in the Battle of Arras which began in the early hours of 9th April 1917 and ended on 16th May at the cost of more than 158,000 British and Commonwealth casualties.

Arras was the first battle where the British Army demonstrated lessons learned from the Somme and achieved advances only rarely seen on Great War battlefields but it remains a forgotten offensive in terms of WW1 literature.

Today the University of Oxford have started a real-time Tweet of the Battle called Arras 95 which can be followed via their Blog or Twitter.

Few books exist on Arras but among that few is my own Walking Arras which is still available via Amazon and Pen & Sword.


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