Posted by: sommecourt | 29/04/2012

War Hero In My Family

I spent last winter working as the historical consultant on a new series for Channel 5 in the UK called War Hero In My Family. Made by 360Production this six part series takes twelve celebrities on journeys to the battle fronts of the Second World War where their ancestors were during those fateful years. In the first episode Chris Tarrant follows his father, an infantry officer who won a Military Cross near Arnhem in 1944, and Lisa Faulkner (above) traces her grandfather as one of the unsung heroes of the RAF – working as groundcrew in 2nd Tactical Air Force.

The aim of the series was to retell some of the stories of this epic period in our history through the lives – and deaths – of ordinary men and women and bring more people to it by using celebrities as the anchor for the whole project. While it is easy to be cynical about the use of celebrities in the series for many of those who took part these were not distant ancestors; they were people they knew and loved, and it makes it a very vivid and moving programme at times.

A trailer for the series is currently on You Tube and there is coverage on the Channel 5 website. The series starts at 8pm on 1 May on Channel 5.


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