Posted by: sommecourt | 04/11/2013

Book Review: Heroes Of The Line


Scott Addington is an enthusiastic amateur military historian with a strong presence on Twitter and someone keen to make the complex world of military history understandable to the ordinary person. As such he has produced an interesting general account of WW1 and a good iPhone App using infographics; he currently has some more titles in the pipeline for the WW1 Centenary.

This book is somewhat different as it chronicles a journey he made and which few ever have – following the entire length of the Western Front from the far end in the Vosges mountains on the border of Switzerland up to the Belgian coast where it petered out in the sand. The journey was made in October and November 2009 and rather than walk it as others, such as Nigel Jones, have done they instead decided to cycle the route. The book is an entertaining and engaging account of this journey, and regular visitors to the battlefields will find much to enjoy here. It is not a literary masterpiece but it is a good read and gives an insight into the changing, and often challenging nature of the Great War battlefields. One of its strengths is that it dips in and out of personal stories of men connected to the places Scott and his friends visited; these are the ‘heroes of the line’; and in some cases he goes into great detail about them. A recommended title for anyone even remotely thinking of a similar journey!

The book is available in Kindle format, although I reviewed a printed version. It can be purchased via Amazon: Heroes Of The Line.

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