Posted by: sommecourt | 04/05/2014

Book Review: New Edition of The Longest Day

The Longest Day by Cornelius Ryan (Carlton Books 2014, ISBN 9780233004136, fully illustrated, audio CD & enclosures, £50.00)

Cornelius Ryan’s The Longest Day which went on to inspire the classic D-Day film of the same name needs little introduction here but on this 70th Anniversary year of the Normandy landings Carlton Books have produced a splendid new edition of a classic book. The new version comes in a handsome slip case and this huge book is a fully illustrated version of the original text. In addition there are envelopes throughout the book which contain facsimiles of original documents including D-Day maps used for 6th June 1944. On the inside cover is one of the nicest little gems included with the book – an audio CD of interviews with D-Day veterans who appear in the book. It is wonderful to hear those voices and the publishers are to be commended for including something like this.

Yes, this is an expensive edition but it is worth every penny for the excellent illustrated version, a very high quality production and all the extras included in it and the audio CD. If you buy one DDay70 commemorative book this year make it this one. Highly recommended  me and one of my favourite books of the year.

The book is available from the Carlton Books website: The Longest Day.


  1. Dear Sir,
    Starting at 4.30pm on the 25th of September, a commemoration will take place in the Petruskerk in Hees, Nijmegen, marking seventy years since the crash of a British Mitchell Mk.II medium bomber close to the church, resulting in the deaths of both Air Force personnel and Dutch civilians. This is to be a very unusual memorial service due to the length of the intervening time, and also important, with the Mayor of Nijmegen Hubert Bruls, a 95-year old eyewitness, members of 320 Squadron, and relatives of the air crew, and finishing with a Spitfire flypast! More information here…

    and here…

    Kind regards,

    Steve Dyke.

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