Dig WW2

Dig WW2 is a major new BBC series about the Second World War, which will be presented by TV Historian Dan Snow and made by 360Productions for the BBC. The three parter will look at the legacy of WW2 on the battlefields today and follow groups of archaeologists who uncover the remains of the fighting, the wrecks of aircraft and dive on ships and U Boats. It will also feature many veteran interviews. Dig WW2 will visit sites as part apart as Northern Ireland, Italy, Normandy and the Netherlands.

I worked as the Series Consultant and the series begins on BBC1 NI on 14th May 2012. Details here:


Below is one of the Vodcasts we did from Italy:


  1. I wonder if you might know if 8 Killingworth Drive was destroyed in ww2 and new houses built in its place. I’ve been told that’s the house where my dad grew up but when I look at it on google maps it looks too new for him to have grown up there. My dad was one of the homeboys who were sent to Canada at a young age and I must confess I know very little about him. He was raised as an orphan and from what I have knowledge of he might have been orphaned by world war one.
    Thanks for whatever information you might have.
    Doug Dick

  2. Sorry for not giving very complete information. That address would have been 8 Killingworth Drive Newcastle Upon Tyne.
    Thanks again.
    Doug Dick

  3. Hi – am afraid I dont know anything about bomb damage in Newcastle, sorry.

  4. The picture i have seen similar.The Polish Armoured Division used to weld the spare tracks to the tank for extra protection.

  5. Hello Paul
    I see you are involved with the Series Dig WW2. I have been trying to find out information on the series as I will be going over to Arnhem in July.

  6. Hi Lynda – am presuming you are one of Sam Cassidy’s relatives? If so, how can I help you? I will be on the shoot at Arnhem in July.

    • Hello,

      I live near Arnhem, when are you comming here?

      Greets, Bas

    • Paul
      We had a great time with you all it was truly a great experience.

      For my mum and me ofcourse it was just brilliant that you included her dad/my grandfather in the programme. I now go back to my ‘normal’ life and am currently trying not to think about the programme and when it may be on..
      Thank you again.

      • Hi Lynda – it was good to meet you all and I hope we’ve done some justice to Sammy and his comrades. Pictures to follow.

  7. Good morning Paul

    For some 10 years I was involved with a French group based in Normandy whose raison d’etre is to locate and commemorate the sites of downed Hawker Typhoons during the Battle of Normandy in 1944. Just in case you don’t know of them and their work then see http://www.asavn.net.

    It seems to me that the group has received insufficient recognition in the UK for their efforts in remembering the sacrifices of British, Empire and Commonwealth pilots who gave their lives at such a young age.

  8. I wonder if any body knows when Dig WW11 is showing on TV?

    • It will be broadcast sometime in May-June. When a transmission date is confirmed I will be placing details on this blog.

      • Thank you, am looking forward to watching this transmission as I hail from Donegal and my Brother is an Irish Army Officer who was at the firing range when the tested the spitfire gun.

  9. Looking forward to the transmission, particularly of Arnhem. I have visited many times and was there in 2010 at the ‘White House’ and Oosterbeek perimeter when members of the family were shown where ‘the accident’ happened.

    • Dig WW2 should be on BBC NI and BBC2 in May.

      • Thank you for the up-date, will keep checking for any more up-date’s as I have to tape the transmission regarding The Spitfire in the Bog for my brother as he has been deployed to the Ivory Coast with the UN/Irish Army.

  10. Hello Paul
    Great job I caught the first part when it was on last night I wish I had new you were over here I would thank you personally for the help with Sammy White and Le Paradis
    Dan and the gang good luck its a great show looking forward to the rest of the series
    Lest We Forget
    Davey War Years

  11. fantastic program. such a shame it is only a few weeks long. but a big thank you to the makers and dan snow for showing the role northern ireland had in ww2. i do hope there is more to come.

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